Fransic Bacon truly Said, “Travelling is a best part of knowledge, adventure and experience.”

Industrial visit has its own importance in a career of a student who is pursuing a commerce degree. It is considered as a part of college curriculum. Objective of industrial visit is to provide students an insight regarding internal working of companies. With an aim to go beyond academics, industrial visit provides student a practical perspective on the world of work.

It provides students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices.  It gives them exposure to current work practices as opposed to possibly theoretical knowledge being taught at college. Industrial visits provide an excellent opportunity to interact with industries and know more about industrial environment.

Every year Government Commerce College organize visits to eminent industries with an objective of providing students functional opportunity in different sectors. Industrial visit helps to combine theoretical knowledge with industrial knowledge.





The Bridge course is a college preparation course with an extra curriculum that is offered to newcomers who come from Guajarati medium to English medium as a means of preparing for intellectual challenges of a college education. It is an introductory course to enable students to achieve the required level of assumed knowledge.

Objective of Bridge Course:

The Bridge course is aimed to act as a buffer for the new entrants, with an objective to provide adequate time for the transition from Guajarati medium to English medium. Bridge course prepare students with limited English language skills to enter and succeed in commercial field. The goal of bridge program is to sequentially bridge the gap between the initial skills of students and what they need to enter in advance world.


Students will learn strategies to improve their personal study skill and general academic; language to organize academic essay effectively to communicate effectively in discussion, routine conversation, and students will also develop their academic listening, speaking, reading, and writing strategies and learn to use complex grammatical sentences with greater accuracy.


This is a one week program. During this interaction of one week with the faculty and their classmate, the student will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence needed to take on bigger challenges.



Apart from regular teaching, to strengthen students’ knowledge on contemporary issues in commerce industry, college has taken various initiatives. As a part of such initiatives, college has signed MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Nav Jyoti Manav Kalyan Computer Saksharata Abhiyan, Ahmedabad to conduct FREE OF COST TALLY ERP 9 Prorgramme to the students of College since 2016.

More than 150 students were benefited from the programme during the year 2016. Current year also, almost 200 students are actively participating in this programme.

Following are the glimpses of TALLY ERP Programm.