1. Students should maintain discipline and decorum in the college campus.
2. All the students shall wear their identity cards, well displayed. Identity badge is a public document and any teaching staff and non teaching staff shall have the right to peruse it. Denial of that alone invites disciplinary action.
3. Every student should attend all the classes regularly and punctually on all days according to the time table.
4. A student may not leave his/her class room without permission or until the professor has left the room or asked the class to disperse.
5. Harassing juniors, ill treatment to other fellow students or any such form of ragging is
objectionable and liable to be treated as criminal offence by the law enforcing agencies as per the directives of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.
6. All the students are expected to remain present in prayer.
7. Students should cultivate the habit of reading notice displayed on the notice board and ignorance of any notice thus displayed will not be accepted as an excuse for failing.
8. Smoking, Spitting, throwing or waste paper or rubbish is prohibited in the college premises. Any violation of this shall invite a minimum fine of Rs. 100/-.
9. If any student found in any kind of misconduct, the disciplinary actions will be taken. In that case the decision taken by the principal shall abide to the student.
10. Passes for bus will be issued to the students after payment of fees for respective semester.
11. At the time of receiving mark sheet from office, students are required to return examination fee receipt and I-card. Mark sheet will be not be issued without it.
12. No student will be allowed to pursue job during college timing.
13. It is mandatory to be present in college internal examination.
14. Students shall properly park their vehicle in space provided.
15. Internal evaluation is a part of assessment. It is mandatory for students to submit assignments given by respective faculty members in time limit.
16. Students shall handle the furniture and books with great care and consideration. Any loss or destruction of these will be chargeable individually or collectively.
17. Strict silence should be observed in the library. Books can be borrowed on the days specified for each class.
18. Library cards will issue and the student has to produce his/her card along with the identity card before the librarian at the time borrowing books.
19. Any violation of the above rules will invite penalty in the form of warning, fine, bringing of parents or any course of corrective measure as found suitable by any staff member or higher authority of the College.